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Home Beauty Starts At The Top



We are Storm Catastrophe

 Insurance Appraisal Experts

In Most Insurance Cases We Can Help With All Your Deductible,

*Our Roofs Come With various Warranties, 25, 30, 40, 50 and

a manufacturer's Life Time Warranty.

* Our Roofs come with a standard five year roof leaks warranty, if your roofs leaks after we   installed it, 

* Available 10 year Leak Warranty from ARWE.

* Multiple references available.

God Forbid,You Can Count On Us 

If A Hailstorm Hits Your Place 

If and When Hail Damage Storm Was To happen


We Are Professionals, We Can Handle It All

       That's right, we can handle any and all issues mentioned on the insurance estimate damages report on any kind of roof, Air Conditioner Condenser damage, Window Screens, Siding, Painting, Doors, Windows, Windows plastic glazing, Glass, Wood or Hardieboard Cement Painted Fascia, Roofing, Gutters, Metal Covered Fascia, Metal Storage, All Kinds of Flat Roofs, Wood or Metal Frame Damage, Broken or Too Large Tree Limbs That Damage The Roof. Vinyl Siding, Metal Storage Building, Flat Roofs, etc. We are a Full Service Construction Company.

 My House Got Hail Damage, Now What?

           If there is no leaks nor immediate danger, calm down. Keep your head on your shoulders. Cover the windows with 1/2 in. plywood lumber and the skylights with vinyl roofing felt nailed around every 5 inches.                              Good question, starting tomorrow, your neighborhood is fixing to be swamped by Storm Chasing Roofing Companies' Peddlers with very tricky closing techniques. 

What Do I do After The Hail Storm

1. Call your home insurance company (not the agent). File a hail and wind damage claim over the phone. Have paper and pen ready for notes. Your roof will be seen by your insurance appraiser as scheduled between you and him. (Note the roofing salesman will present himself as "qualified" appraiser. He is only trying to engulf you into signing with him). 

2. The appraiser will get back with you after he does his estimate and talks to his boss: The Insurance Adjuster. You will then be sent the first bank draft of two (normally) checks which will include the insurance appraiser's damage estimate. 

   a). If your house has a lien holder finance company or bank, you will need 

       to get your banking institution to endorse the bank draft.

   b) Again be in no hurry, because some larger banks require that you send 

       the roofer's completed job estimate before they endorse it.

   c). No big deal, you have at least a year to complete your project, 

        therefore, relax and slowdown. 

   d). We will be honored to answer any question in this or any regards 

        concerning your hail damage issue. Call Rudy with no compromise 

        at (432) 924-9434


LOOK OUT! You must Beware of the Following:

3. Avoid at all costs roofing crews from out of state, or from far away from your home with a temporary new phone number and a temporary local address, that is, they rent a local store front or busy street place for four of five months and out they go as they came. They will advertise themselves as a "local" roofing company, which is not true (four to six months of temporary residency does not make it a local company). You will never see them again, no matter how shinny the brochure advertising packet they show you, They are "transient," nomadic, companies. 

4.  Do not sign anything, specially a contract, REMEMBER they will portray to be a "local company," only because they rented a temporary             place. They are storm chasers, they will disappear within the next few months, never to be seen again.

5. The warranty and promises will be exaggerated by the salesperson

6. Be careful, not hand them any money, and certainly, do not sign over the insurance proceeds check over to them. You may have to wait a      couple of years before they "can get to your roof," after you complained over and over and over. They have already spent your funds,            they have no urgency to do your roof. After being pressured, they will send a hail storm chasing roofing crew installers to do your job.

7. Do not agree to pay for your deductible, most of the time there should be enough funds to do your roof without any out of pocket funds        from you, you can get a break by allowing the roofing company to put a sign on your yard and take before and after pictures for                      advertising. 

8. Beware of unscrupulous roofers that sell you a "Metal Roof," installed unprofessionally. Go ahead and call a Metal Roofing Materials                  Manufacturer and ask them what is the proper way to install metal roofing. They will tell you this: 

a). That the composite asphalt shingles must removed first as they will build condensation on your roof and become a fire hazard. 

b). They will also tell you to make sure batten boards (1x4 soft white pine lumber) are installed across the whole roof as the metal roof will         not stand the winds if screwed to the existing 3/8 roofing waffer board in your house. 

c). That the screws will become loose and the problems will start within the first few months.

d). That every screw holding the metal roof must fasten to at least 1 1/4 inch of wood.

e). They will also tell you that "20 year prepainted metal is meant on walls, not on roofs where the weather is twice as punishing.

f).  That the 20 year metal will amount to about a four six year good metal before it starts decolorising. In 10 yrs your house will look like an        old barn

g)  That roofing metal must be roofing metal, that a 35 year will hold a good color for only about 18 years.

8. Hire only a reputable local company, by local we mean from your hometown or from within an hour two from your house. 

9. Hire a company that can handle the whole project, and that will not talk you out of doing the whole project with crafty salesmanship techniques. Let the roofing contractor worry about the responsibility that comes with hiring a painter, a plumber, the HVAC repairman, an electrician, a stucco company, a siding company, a window company, a carpenter or anyone else required for the complete project. 

For a free no compromise 

expert roofing inspection 

call us, American Roofing at (432) 924-9434